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Underneath to find a grasp of some of the projects that I have been working on last years. From travel stories to lifestyle and music, thanks for taking the time to watch a few!



Filmmaker | Director


Experience the brand new electric bike while exploring the marvellous city of Amsterdam.

ELORE – Brand Story 2:44

Modern ideas for modern people.

E-BIKE-TO-GO  01:00

From IJburg to Amsterdam. Commuting on an E-bike has never been easier.

Behind the Scenes 2021


Lifestyle & Fashion


Botanical Fashion 0:38

Wonder around in the fabulous botanical garden of the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

GASTRONOMY – Harry’s 6:52

A story straight from the heart of 2 star Michelin Restaurant Harry’s in Trieste, Italy.


Reflecting People and Places.


An intimate sequence of your Humans iGEN

ARTGRID – Sport Philosophy  1:22

Get ready for the Olympics.

Cora Novoa 3:04

Cora Novoa, premio a la Mejor DJ del año en los Vicious Awards. The freedom to express yourself.

HUMAN 3:04

Reflecting People and Places. Embracing HUMANITY.

Santos Costura 0:59

A spot for Santos Costura. Behind the scenes.

PHILIPS – Careers  2:17

Video story about K1 Kickboxer Mark Bourti, working at PHILIPS as a Business Analyst.

Powertools Commercial 2:20

See why Powertools is #1 Google Drive extension for your business.

Short Films | Documentary

Filmmaker | Director

From the Soul of the Earth – ICELAND 5:20

A film inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. A life changing experience, a unforgettable trip.

Sense of Nature 04:52

I have always been impressed by the power of the jungle, the way it opens our senses, and how it reminds us of our mother nature.

Human Moments – A Visual Journey through La Gomera 02:12

A visual journey through La Gomera, part of the Canary Islands in front of the African Coasts.

A Sea of Essence 8:11

A SEA OF ESSENCE is a short film about the hundreds of reasons why to surf the seas. A simple wisdom for our somehow challenging daily lives.

The Spirit Behind Music 28:01

The Spirit Behind Music is a short documentary about Casa Verde Colectivo from Mexico.

August Breeze 12:42

August Breeze is a short film about magic on our paths. Ana finds herself alone, capsized in a sea of doubts and feelings that hit her while she is waiting in a bar.

Music | Dance

Filmmaker | Director

Dennis – Headlines 3:03

Official Music Video for Dennis, Dutch Singer.

Julia Goes Mercutio 3:29

A modern approach to classical music: Julia Goes Mercutio, a trio from Luxembourg.

Book of Air 3:32

Book of Air – The Timeless Dimension.

Introducing Dave Kutz  3:03

A short documentary about Canadian tuba player living in the Netherlands.


Hans Peter Schepp is an emerging director from Amsterdam, with works done for international clients based in United States, Central America, UK, Germany, France and Spain. What inevitably sets Hans’s work apart is his highly developed artistic sensibility, always with a central element, humanity. Creating imaginary with intimate angles, coming closer to people and their emotions, with his always-cinematic approach, immersing us into a sensational, somehow magical world with fine and sometimes raw edges.

The mid-2000s, Hans worked as a director of photography for Apertura Films (Panama) where he worked under the wing of Award Winning Director Abner Benaim on a documentary series.
In 2005, a life changing opportunity arised, Hans was thrown in the deep, directing and filming a documentary about an indigenous tribe in the Panamanian rainforest.
In 2006, he returned to Europe, where he launched his first production company Tosca Films (The Netherlands), directing and filming hundreds of video projects, shooting promos for clients including Sony, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Carat.
The early 2010s, he founded his production company Honolululab (Barcelona), serving Europe-based clients.
In 2012, he successfully worked with internationally acclaimed chef Ferran Adrià, creating the commercial for El Bulli Foundation, that was launched during the Wired Event in London in October 2012.
In 2016, Hans embraced both cities as a new playground, making the transition to commercial directing. Working from the city centre of Amsterdam & the Google Campus in Madrid, taking the lead with a new methodology of creation and collaboration, working closely with creatives from all kinds of disciplines like painters, illustrators, musicians, actors, and dancers. Enabling a fertile soil to create new ideas for advertising agencies and their respected clients.
In 2018, Hans founded the Human The Story Studio and since then he works on the production of story content for brands and agencies around the globe.