Production Company: Honolululab
Director/DOP/ Voice: Hans Peter Schepp


Short Video Story about The Book of Air. Book of Air is a series of bundled compositions exploring each time the parameters of sound and time. How is the perception of sound influenced by time? What happens when we slow down time, stretch time, and so use time as a microscope to zoom in on sound? How do we relate to time in music as improvising performing musicians? There are currently two projects in Book of Air: fieldtone and vvolk


With this short movie Hans Peter Schepp shares the experience of visiting a Book of Air vvolk concert on 27 nov 2016 Antwerp at the “Peperbuskerk church (Rataplan)”

Music performed by:

Stijn Cools: drums & composition
Sep François: vibraphone & percussion
Hendrik Vanattenhoven: double bass
Nathan Wouters: double bass
Laurens Smet: double bass & electric bass
Bert Cools: electric guitar & composition
Ruben Machtelinckx: electric guitar
Benjamin Sauzereau: electric guitar
Niels Van Heertum: euphonium
Viktor Perdieus: tenor saxophone
Thomas Jillings: tenor saxophone
Erik Bogaerts: alto saxophone and clarinet
Frans van Isacker: alto saxophone and clarinet
Mathieu Robert: soprano saxophone
Stefan Bracaval: flute
Indre Jurgeleviciuté: kankles
Fruz Tonteling: harmonium
Wout Gooris: rhodes