Client: HUMAN –
Production Company: Honolululab
Director/DOP: Hans Peter Schepp
Audio Operator & Mastering: Sergiusz Sytniejewski


**Big News from Amsterdam to Mexico!**
There are moments that simply need to be captured in order to share them with others. Last summer in Amsterdam I found one. A regular Thursday night turned into a night full of glory, light, warmth and happiness. I experienced so much spirit while listening to the music of Casa Verde Colectivo that I could not resist making a documentary about a group of beautiful colorful musicians from Mexico City. Next day, the adventure started, my dear friend Sergi and I started the ride, and I am very happy that we did, and very thankful to all the band, for opening their hearts to me, sharing essence that is so important to the world, embracing humanity and share the adventure with me. I hope you enjoy this documentary and find the spirit behind the music.

Thank you for watching, sharing, commenting and for joining, together we can do more!