The Story?

“Living this lifetime passion

for filmmaking and photography.”

Born with a true passion to capture unique moments, from a human intimate and social angle, working with senses, lively scenes, like painting with light, with the objective to let life shine through making use of inspiring films and photography.

My Fathers Vintage 8mm

It started as a young box, exploring the vintage photo and video camera’s of my father, and with an age of 16 I bought my first photo and video camera and started to explore the endless ways of visual storytelling.

Career Highlights

12 years on filming

Sharing some memorable

moments with you.

Working with Abner Benaim

During my media studies I had the pleasure to work with Abner Benaim, he gave me the opportunity to grow at his Panamanian based production company Apertura Films. During that year I directed and filmed a documentary about an indigenous tribe in deep in the Panamanian rainforest, besides that, worked on the documentary series el Otro Lado.

Working with Ferran Adrià

During my time in Barcelona from 2010-2013, I worked on several great projects, one worth mentioning is the commercial for Bullipedia, sparring with Ferran Adriá, working on his location in Barcelona, presenting the Bulli Foundation and his alliance with Telefonica on the Wired event in London 2012. View the Project

Hopping around Europe

Serving Europe based

clients and enjoying

great collaborations.

Europe based

Now two decates later I am happy to be working as a director and camera operator (dp) throughout Europe working on projects ranging from commercials, promotion videos, art projects, and commisioned work for corporate businesses.


My clients are ranging from advertising/PR agencies, production companies, event organizers, brands and entrepeneurs that are looking for lively visuals to empower their ideas, products and services.

Many thanks to you!

Inspiring collaborations

that lead to strong


Many thanks to you!

I like to thank you for the constructive collaborations over the last 15 years, for offering me great challenges and for having confidence in my creative skills in order to empower your visual ideas. – Hans