Cinematography is an art that needs thousands of hours to master.

I have dedicated most of my life observing light and deepening the craft of cinematography. It keeps fascinating me, it’s an art that makes me wake up early morning with another idea, to capture another story full of intimate angles that interact with our emotional world.

Framezz of my latest work as a cinematographer.

The Time is NOW, Nowatch Product Shots.

For NOWATCH I shot 8K Anamorphic Video content for their website and product promotion. This amazing new watch will blow your mind, while keeping you calm.

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The Endless Summer

The feeling of summer is within us all; it’s the fullness of the trees that surround us; the loving touch of sun cascading down, the joys of playing outdoors with those we love.

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Finding her SPARK

GRETA // She Finds herself at sea, deepening her journey of a dancer, finding her spark and moving forward with the challenging life of a performing artist.
Great teamwork at a pretty windy and cold night!

My indy film work | RED Cinema 8K | is licensed through  Artgrid.

From lifestyle to sport, socials topics with a human touch. Currently 165+ stories and 8000+ unique clips available through Artgrid.

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What does motion mean to you Daniel? “My real native language and the closest one to the soul. My chance to tell multiple stories in an instance. As long as the world keeps spinning, we’ll keep on moving. We’ll keep on living.”

Energetic footage, snappy edits for online audiences

Life is motion, dance is an art, enjoy the moves of Daniel Montero Real dancing through Amsterdam business district, Grand Sujet at Het Nationale Ballet (Dutch National Ballet).

Client: Human The Story |DP: Hans Peter Schepp | Producer: Matteo Fiorentini 

Endless Motion, a Story of a Ballet Dancer.

She is art, her gaze is immersive, her movements meditative, she is like a bird, a black bird, wondering what her future will bring, dance it is.

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The Art of Story, The Multi-Aspect world of Social Media

One of the first and most important questions I like to solve it: What’s the story? What do you like to tell and let your audience feel? A creative treatment,  to capture the story in an original way. We think about motion and tools like lenses and cameras. Nowadays it’s common to shoot multiple video aspect ratios, so even more important is to plan the filming correctly making sure all deliverables are guaranteed.

Julia & Timour Credits:

Talent: Julia Jirina &  Timour Bonin

Short Film, Epic Iceland, an unforgettable trip.

Three friends lose themselves in one of the most epic landscapes of Northern Europe.

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The Cuban Boxer, a story of young boxers in Havana Vieja.

A short portrait of a young boxer facing the challenge in the ring.

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The WRAP of one year Artgrid Filmmaker.

Thankful for the 2020 creative opportunities. The summary of a creative journey with Artlist & Artgrid.

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